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Get To Know: Francesca

Hailing from Manchester and steadily rising within the RnB and house scene, Francesca has been one to watch over the last couple of months. Having only released only two singles 'Wanting Me' released in January and 'Fantasy' in July this year, the charming songstress has been hard at work to produce something for us even better and been keeping us on our toes!

With her latest Rhythm 'n' Bop number emulating summery and perky vibes, Francesca was able to land her first commercial partnership with Pretty Little Thing only five months into her career and is surely on her way to becoming a successful artist that will mesmerise listeners across the nation. Leading from the success from her latest single 'Fantasy' and the popularity it's visuals have gained on YouTube, we decided to catch up with Francesca to find out all about her so we can say that we did it first!

Francesca was somebody who was involved in music from young in some way or another, "Singing was always a second nature to me and then I found myself in the studio" she says, and from then on, new musical heights were born into Francesca's world. Being from Manchester, it can be competitive within the music industry but Francesca loves the Manchester music scene. "There’s so much going on here and to be around all these creatives and seeing everyone’s growth is amazing in itself. I love our community and Manchester will forever have my heart!" she says. Her feel-good track 'Fantasy' even features her strutting about the city, highlighting the features it has to offer.

Francesca likes to make music that has once been something she's gone through or sometimes what other people have gone through but she takes inspiration from anything and everything. She likes to get involved in all genres to explore, discover what she can offer to us and one of her top collaborations would have to be Kaytranada. With his chilled house sounds and funky beats, the production of Francesca's songs are reminiscent of R&B and house tones. Even her other single which was released a few months back 'Wanting Me' gave us strong summer vibes that were breezy and easy on the ear.

Only five months into her career, Francesca was approached with a partnership with Manchester-based clothing brand Pretty Little Thing. It was something that surprised Francesca as she says it was pretty random but she adores working with the brand. "Someone from the team found me and my song and yeah, it’s been an amazing journey ever since. I love working with them I’d say the best part about working with them was hearing my own song on the TV. To be given that opportunity I’ll forever be grateful!"

Francesca, has some big plans for the future, with hopes to one day play at festivals such as Coachella, Afronation or Ocean Beach, she has a passion for trying to get herself on every stage that will have her. With ambition as large as Francesca's, we don't see why that can't be made a reality. From releasing her first single 'Wanting Me' it was a huge step in the right direction as she could finally showcase her talents. With positive reactions from friends, family and fans, Francesca believes that it is a blessing that she was able to step foot in the music industry. She also kept herself busy during lockdown, by consistently planning for the future and writing to beats that she would get sent to her. "I also spent a lot of time learning about production. I focused on myself in lockdown and tried to use it to my advantage."

Francesca was someone who broke into the scene quite recently, and when asked what sort of advice she would give to someone else who would like to follow in her footsteps, she told us that the best way is to always be yourself. "Always. There’s so many different elements to my personality that I’ll be showing people through my music and it’s so sick to have people support you and genuinely like you and your music and believe in you!" As well as letting her personality shine through her music, she's eager to show you what else she has in store for us for the future. "You’ll be hearing a lot of new music in due time with some sick visuals. I’ve got some very big plans."

Follow Francesca on Instagram to keep up to date with her musical journey!


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