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Conversations with unique individuals.

In an era where conformity finds itself at odds with the desire for innovation, Bas emerges as a trailblazer who defies labels and embraces the spirit of experimentation within Hip-Hop. With an aura of humility and a genuine connection to his audience, Bas paves the way for a new generation of musicians who value authenticity and relatability over artifice.

When we’re talking about some of the most defining musicians of our time, there is no doubt that 26-year-old instrumentalist and producer Mura Masa should be part of that conversation. Hailing from the small island of Guernsey, Mura Masa already has a Grammy win under his belt, alongside three other nominations, a feature in Forbes 30 Under 30, an Ivor Novello nomination and unquestionably, billions of streams. Mura Masa is this generations chameleonic curator of unparalleled sounds and sonics. 

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