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Get Acquainted With: MT. LOW

The release of this Lo-Fi duo's music project/art project and debut mixtape Lost of Love has recently been attracting listeners.

So who are MT. LOW?

Before releasing any music, this group consisting of Matt and Will Ritson built a visual world around them that peaked the interest of world renowned photography magazine Ignant and inspirational platform Fucking Young!. By capturing moments from a trip to Mojave Desert, a compelling and artistic vision was produced that both of these magazines took a liking to.

This London based duo have now released mixtape Lost of Love to accompany their artistic streaks.

MT. LOW was first formed when the Ritson's found a lone church on the Mexican border on Google Maps. Having it become a shared reference point, it spurred the duo to embark on a trip across the pond to the Hill of Prayer in California and record their experiences through the means of photography, film and creative writing which was in due course published by the highly valued photography magazine Ignant.

Continuing their journey, they explored the town of Beatty, Nevada and diving headfirst into the surreal landscapes by exhibiting its eeriness to then be published in Fucking Young! in their 'Alien' issue.

"it felt like we were out to confront something together, here, in the middle of nowhere, with the reality of emptiness swallowing us up in every direction. I’ve been taking photographs my whole life; my dad gave me my first camera to take pictures with on holiday and I never let it go. It’s my favourite way of recording. I wanted to capture the journey to Nevada almost like a diary, photographing each landscape we went through so I could remember how quiet and how empty it really was."

These barren environments of deserts and abandoned towns shaped and moulded their forthcoming mixtape. They explained that "Travelling out into such a big empty landscape gives you a perspective with less of a hard edge, something wider and more spacious that you can take back with you and engage with in the creative process."

After releasing track Fade (Into View) which premiered on FADER, the track was able to give us a taste as to what this duo wanted to achieve; experimental sounds and tracks that give perspective just like the photographs taken. MT. LOW then started to translate their story to create Lost of Love, forming almost a research project by using tools that they were surrounded with.

"We began to work separately and then piece by piece, put songs together over e-mail, WhatsApp messages, phone calls...whatever we had at the time... The fidelity didn't matter as long as were being honest and letting the music fill that physical space between us."

The work that was produced is something deeply personal and captures moments in relationships, dreams and failures in relation to one another, both singular and as a duo. It's got edges, interludes and is definitely not polished but highlights unconventional rawness and creativity that pours out into each track.


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