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First Listen: Luchi Blue

Steadily rising in the underground hop-hop scene, London-based and fresh-faced Luchi Blue is here to take on pursuing a career within music after modelling professionally for 6 years. Perfecting his craft on the low, Luchi Blue had previously released 'Never Thought' and 'Change', fortifying his position within the scene and is back with a collaboration with vocalist DANiCA on their woozy single 'Hotline'.

Luchi Blue attended secondary school in Kent but felt disconnected from the more wealthier classmates around him compared to his working class lifestyle. With this experience moulding his identity, it taught him to embrace his true self as well as shape his identity. His life changed after being scouted at a Childish Gambino concert and ensures the upmost attention to detail by making sure his fashion choices move hand-in-hand with his musical choices.

If you hadn't heard of Luchi Blue before, this is your chance to get acquainted with this trailblazer.

'Hotline' Luchi Blue ft. DANiCA

First Watch

The visuals for 'Hotline' summon a feel of nostalgia with flip-phone props and scenes around red telephone booths with bouncing blue and red lights to unveil a moody atmosphere. Shot in East London, the duo take us on a day to night journey alongside soft colours, silhouettes and styling by London designer Christian Kye. On first watch, the visuals, directed by Evelina Gumileva, are delicate and slow to match the tempo of the track and fitted with a charming warmth.

First Listen

This contemporary R&B track is an easy listen with DANiCA's voice incredibly distinct. The marrying of Luchi Blue's rap style alongside DANiCA's effortless vocal flair make this duo not only enticing to listen to but also leave us wanting more. Luchi Blue is for sure a musician who knows his capabilities within writing and provides a confident style as well as aptitude for producing. Luchi Blue reminded me of London rapper Deema with a similar contemporary style or Ojerime which again emulates a tender feeling.

Artist's Perception

When asked about his thoughts and feelings about 'Hotline' Luchi Blue said:

"The lockdown and the struggles that came with it were the main inspirations behind the visuals for the track. The whole thing is a literal lockdown call and response; showing the importance of communication. Coming from the night into the day, we wanted to visually emphasise that through communication, you can come out of a dark feeling into a more positive light. Looking back at the completed project makes me feel so proud. Being able to create something magical despite the challenges of being locked at home is truly amazing.”

DANiCA also mentioned:

"When Luchi sent me the over & I heard it for the first time last summer, I knew I had to jump on this track. The lyrics just flowed out of me, inspired by Luchi's message. While we were in the middle of a pandemic, isolated from the outside world, that phone call from someone special is something to treasure and I wanted to capture that in the essence of the song. I love Luchi’s positive approach in his music and this is something I also pride myself in with my message through music. Living with Greg Pidcock, an insanely talented producer I knew we had to get him to jump on it & take it to the next level. Months later were sitting in the studio together listening to the final mix - the bass is going into our stomachs, the vocals are taking me to a dreamy place & Luchi's lyrics are giving me the messages I need to hear.

I’m proud to collaborate with such talented individuals & be spreading a message of self achievement & supporting others & growth. When we tweaked the final mix to perfection I knew we had made something really special, a song for everyone. To lift them up, give them that feeling of nostalgia, summer love, darkness into the light & the message that even though we can't be with the special ones in person, no matter where they are, they are a just a phone call away.


'Hotline' definitely exhibited the importance of communication. In a world where we can't see people like we used to, we're calling and texting our friends and loved ones a lot more often. Feeling as though, as well as going through moments of feeling nostalgic about having an old crush and waiting for their reply, it also presented the beauty of being connected to one another even if not physically present. It was sweet and had both artists fully presenting their best selves for this lush number. We can't wait to see what Luchi Blue does next!


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