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"In The Studio" With Ted Loco

(Produced for Kindred. Magazine)

In The Studio is a brand-new visual series where we chat with producers, musicians and artists in order to get some more insight as to what they do for a living. Kicking off the series is Ted Loco, a producer and sound engineer from Derby who is now based in London. He started his career within the musical collective Local Geezers, as their producer.

Drawing inspiration from the sounds of American rappers such as Future, Ted Loco went on to produce his own versatile style for Kamakaze and Eyez as well as supporting UK artists such as Octavian, House of Pharaohs and US artists like Pollari.

His most well-known single Cognac Arcade, a collaborative project with rapper Jimidakilla, elevated his career in terms of musical diversity and identity.

In this video, Ted Loco talks to Kindred. about what he likes most when it comes to producing, his favourite project and different sorts of challenges that come along with his career choice.


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