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Highlighting Ellie Prohan: An Inspirational Female In The Creative Industry

As someone who is heavily influenced by so many women within the creative industry, I have decided to highlight one inspirational person who I have learnt about within the past few weeks. In uncertain times it is crucial to stay positive and this remarkable woman has most definitely caught my attention and has inspired me to better myself in my work and to not let anything hold me back. Hopefully whoever reads this will feel the same, as it’s something that my inspirational female of the week Ellie Prohan would want.

If there are three words that would describe Ellie Prohan, it would be ambitious, fearless and relentless. This young woman, who could be described as a jack of all trades, went from owning her own business to becoming an incredible DJ and humanitarian, performing at events and on radio for all of us to bask in. Within the rise of the feminist movement, it’s great to be able to have a role model. After many years of constantly being put down, told we’re not good enough or restricted from following our dreams, Ellie has definitely been able to shine a beam of hope to people who want to get into the creative industry, as competitive as it is and especially as a female.

This highly talented woman began her journey by attending Brunel University London studying a Bachelor of Science. But it seemed as though something was just missing from Ellie’s life, and she decided to pursue a career into becoming a DJ. At this sudden change of career, it does seem out of the ordinary but this young woman’s talents didn’t go unnoticed as she quickly skyrocketed to becoming a prolific multifaceted talent DJ, Radio and TV host who works hard and plays harder.

By being someone who is part of the LGBTQIA+ community and also being middle-eastern, Ellie Prohan uses her spotlight to highlight her exceptional work ethic and to influence young girls to break stereotypes. Whilst she actively pushes forth her beliefs, she looks to set a positive tone with her LGBTQIA+ events and to mould fresh and new examples to women and the younger generation since she never had a role model like this herself that she could aspire to be like. One highlight for Ellie in her DJ career was performing at Boiler Room as part of the Sadiq Kahn’s Sound of London campaign which was an initiative to celebrate wonderful women within music and surpassed over 300,000 views on YouTube which blew her out of the water.

Ellie’s Radio presenting career started with The Beat London, which led to her recent residency on Foundation FM and additionally now on Apple Music 1 where you can hear Ellie live as one of the voices to The Apple Music 1 List show out of the London studios. The show brings The Apple Music’s 1 List playlist to life and showcases the world’s best new music. She has also just announced her new Tuesday residency on Kiss FM Nights.

Ellie has also always had a passion for always staying true. Following this, she was able to bring artists and influencers together for another series Ellie Prohan & Friends and last year saw her organise a charity football match on World Mental Health Day. Plus the first ever Live Streamed all female line-up on Foundation FM for International Women’s Day with popular figures such as Tayylor Made, stephseeks, Rachael Anson and Jamz Supernova. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, she also put on a fabulous carnival brunch this year when the odds were stacked for doing any sort of event with COVID 19 in collaboration with Shabba Party the prolific carnival stage where 20% of all profits went to The Black Curriculum charity.

During lock down, she decided to start her increasingly popular cultural discovery series on Instagram titled ‘Eat, Dance, Discover’ in which she interviewed a star-studded line-up and created something entertaining and educational to her viewers by cooking their favourite cultural dishes. Representation is at the utmost importance to Ellie within the music and entertainment industry. From being a voice on Apple Music 1 radio and being given the opportunity she secured a monthly playlist on GAYTIMES which encapsulated Ellie’s love for Hip Hop and creating a space for her LGBTQIA+ community and allies in celebration of this music culture.

We’re looking forward to see what Ellie brings to us next on her KISS FM residency so we can celebrate her further and her admirable work ethic as she continues to inspire others that surely will follow in her footsteps.


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